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RKi news network builds everyday relevance between corporations and their most important audiences through the communication of timely, highly relevant industry-related news.

With the introduction of news – RKi clients have seen:  

Social Referral Traffic

40x increase in social referral traffic


Mobile Traffic

Near-tripling of mobile traffic


Time on Site

Average doubling of time on site

The advancement of third-party editorial news, as a core component of a brand’s content and distribution strategy, provides a legitimate constant draw for a brand’s key audience that goes far beyond what brand content can achieve on its own. RKi news helps strengthen a brand’s Thought Leadership positioning. It can also facilitate the convening of key customer audiences engaged in in-depth interviews around important business issues of our time.  News feeds themselves can provide an incremental delivery system for sponsored brand content and a subscription-model relationship with your most important customers. Stepping into the role of news content provider puts a brand squarely in the moments of greatest impact – when customers are actively seeking news and information in the brand’s broader space. RKi news network was founded by Rick Kupchella, a longtime television news anchor, investigative reporter and serial entrepreneur in the news, marketing and digital strategy spaces.

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